Estratto audio di un vecchio corso di inglese. Soundtrack: 1)TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music - Royalty Free Song #37 (Medieval Shopping -- Redone) Renaissance Music 2)Copyright Free Music Soundtrack #5 - Medieval War ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lady Godiva Eric and Edwina are living in their house in Coventry with their daughter, Aelreda. The year is 1061, the year when the Lady Godiva rode on horseback through the streets of the town. (Inside Eric's house) (Loud knocking on door) (frightened) Who's that, Eric? I don't know. Go and look out of the window, Aelreda. It's Egrin, the tax collector, mother. He's got some men with him. Oh! What shall we do? We have to open the door. (opens the door) In the name of Leofric, Earl of Mercia, I call upon you pay your taxes. But we paid our taxes last month. Last month you paid twenty pieces of silver. Now you must pay again, another twenty pieces of silver. But we have no money. No money! Then you'll have to sell some chickens or some pigs. Please don't make us pay. This girl is strong, you'll have to send her out to work. Yes Egrin, I will Egrin. I will return next week. Then that will be your last chance. If you do not pay, I will take this girl and make her work until the money is paid. Oh no! (Leofric and Godiva) My lord. My lady Godiva. You look sad, what is the matter? My lord, it is the people, they are very unhappy. Not taxes again! Every day you say the same. People pay too many taxes. Don't you understand, I must have my money! But the people can't pay any more, my lord. Ah, you're a woman, you can't understand. We need an army. The French are strong. One day they'll attack us. But my lord ... (interrupting) Enough! I have heard enough about taxes, and about the people. My lord, I must beseech you, they cannot pay any more. Godiva, this is my last word. You can stop the people paying taxes if you will. My lord, I will do anything. Tell me, what do I have to do? Ride on horseback through the market place on Saturday, at noon ... (questioningly) My lord? - naked! (horrified) Oh! (Radio announcer) This is the Coventry local radio station, broadcasting on 104 metres. Here is the twelve o'clock news, today Saturday 10th June 1061. News has reached us that the people of Coventry are complaining about the heavy taxes, which they must pay. A spokesman for Earl Leofric said this morning that an announcement about future taxes would be made at noon in the market place. We are going over now to our reporter in the market place, Tom Ranulf. This is Tom Ranulf speaking to you from the first floor window of the town hall here in Coventry. There must be 5 000 people gathered here this morning to hear a message from Leofric, Earl of Mercia, about the taxes we shall have to pay. In the distance, I can see a figure approaching on horseback. (more and more surprised) The crowd are falling silent. Many are turning to face the houses behind them ... some are bowing their heads ... others are covering their eyes with their caps. The horse is coming nearer. I can just make out who is sitting on it. It's our lady Godiva, wife of Leofric. Her long hair is falling over her shoulders. Now I can see her more clearly. Oh! Good Lord! Extraordinary ... (whistles). She's - she's naked!

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